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Thrive With Chronic Illness Planner and Journal {Digital Download}


Manage your health and busy mom life with this Thrive with Chronic Illness Planner and Journal designed to help you overcome overwhelm so you can live your best possible life.


Are you struggling with managing what you want and need to do and what your body with chronic illness will let you do? Life with chronic illness is a challenge to say the least and adding mom duties on top of that can feel like a double whammy.


I get it. I started showing symptoms of Rheumatoid Arthritis when my oldest son was 6 weeks old and the pain escalated quickly. I’ve been a chronic illness patient just about as long as I’ve been a mom, 18 long years. I’ve struggled and stressed and watched life flash before me in pure survival mode.


It’s taken years of trial and error and reading countless books to help me change my life from overwhelmed survival mode to thriver with chronic illness. But I did it. I learned to recognize my body’s limitations, adapt to my new normal and plan my weeks, days and routines to get things done on my good days and rest, recharge and give myself grace on the bad days.


This combination planner and journal is a culmination of all those things I fine tuned in my own life so I can get more done and have more fun.


there are two ways we are going to approach overcoming this burdensome overwhelm with the Thrive with Chronic Illness Planner + Journal:

1. Journal, brain dump, mind map and create vision boards to unravel the chaotic jumble of ideas out of your mind and onto paper. When you let go of your goals or struggles onto paper, it’s easier to uncover the truth and heart behind them. You can brainstorm ideas more freely. You can then create a more focused list of the best ideas that will help you make progress on your goals and have more time for what really matters.

2. Follow a checklist of the best possible tasks you could be doing so you can just do it. Some days, we just want to get things done as quickly as we can and want just a little piece of our day figured out for us. I’ve done that for you too.


Because this is a printable planner, you can use which pages you need on the days you need them.

What’s Inside:

Over 80 printable pages including:

  • My Ideal Life and Big Goals Journaling Page and Vision Board
  • My Ideal Life and Big Goals Master Checklist to help you brainstorm and identify your most important goals
  • My Ideal Life and Big Goals Analysis Future Goals and Current Goals Maps
  • Individual Goal Analyses to identify your why, physical energy and mental clarity needed to complete the goal
  • Goal Breakdown pages with action steps and the most important things you need to do to complete the goal
  • Health Factors checklists to help you identify which factors impact your health and whether you can control it.
  • Take Control of My Stress Journaling Page and Vision Board
  • Ways to Practice Self Care Journaling Page and Vision Board
  • Undated Monthly Goal Maps and Calendars
  • Undated Weekly Overviews by Task Priority or Task Energy Requirements
  • Undated Weekly Plan (Monday or Sunday start) with 6am to 11pm hourly schedule, habit trackers and space for health notes, meal planning, budget + expenses and a weekly THRIVE recap
  • Undated Weekly Plan (Monday or Sunday start) with spaces to write in your hourly schedule, habit trackers and space for health notes, meal planning, budget + expenses and a mini weekly THRIVE recap
  • Full page weekly THRIVE recap
  • Daily Plan page with top priorities, plan for the day, habits, to do list, health notes and space to include your own notes.
  • Daily Action page to track how your time was spent, and summarize what went well and lessons learned
  • Daily Health Record to record food, drink, emotional health and notes for your doctor
  • Doctor Visit Record with questions to ask and record notes and recommendations
  • Monthly Menu Plan
  • Monthly Grocery List by category and split into weekly columns so you can make your list at the beginning of the month and cut them apart
  • Weekly Menu Plan (Monday or Sunday start)
  • Ideal Household Cleaning and Maintenance Checklist
  • My Household Cleaning and Maintenance Routine
  • Undated Budget vs Actual Financial Pages
  • Financial Analysis for the period
  • Small Victories & Accomplishments Journaling Page and Vision Board
  • Looking Forward Journaling Page and Vision Board

I’ve put a lot of heart and soul into developing a planner and journal that will truly help fellow chronic illness patients on their good and bad days, to achieve their best possible life. Together, we can start our journey to THRIVE with chronic illness!

Please note: This is a digital download only. Nothing will be shipped to you. Because of the nature of digital products, there are no refunds or returns. Please email me at tanya(at)momssmallvictories(dot)com if you have problems with the file or need additional assistance. I”ll be glad to help however I can! 


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